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A small but diverse parkCreate a diverse living space experienceconsisting of different themes

注入“漫步立体公园”的体验感 ,沿着商业流线,布置各具特色的功能空间及业态,打造丰富购物体验,所到之处惊喜不断。

Highlight the experience of “strolling in stereoscopic park”, arrange different functional spaces and business formats along the commercial streamline, in order to diversify shopping experience, and bring unexpected feelings to everywhere.


“Immersive experience” could be best cultivated with scenarios. “Creating a scenario” to grasp customers’ inner heart feelings requires not only “scenario” creation but also breakthrough on replacing the commercial design idea of focusing on “things” by “human-oriented” design intention.



“乐活” — 悦人悦己的生活态度;
“潮玩” — 个性十足的潮品+新玩法;
“社群” — 分享乐趣的社群聚场;
“生态” — 会呼吸的PARK STREET。


In the new landmark of Fenghuang New World, we want to build

“LOHAS” -- a life style that pleasing ourselves and others;
 “Fashionable Play” -- fashionable individualized products + new playing method;
“Community” -- a community for sharing fun;
“Ecology” – relaxing and leisure PARK STREET.

We try to create a Phoenix Lake ecological wetland for habitat and breeding of wild animals in harmony with the ecological nature and construct a multi-dimensional comprehensive space of human + nature + art + social communication.



The phoenix from Phoenix Lake brings a LOHAS and fashionable ecological community involving natural wetland and wild flora and fauna.


The feather modeling elements of phoenix were extracted by disassembly and applied to ceiling, ground and river modeling.
The river-blocking design in store is realized by plants. A fashionable river-blocking scenario integrated with natural ecology and S & T is created using such materials as LED linear light strips, wood grain grilles, aluminum plates, laminated glass, etc.


Phoenix Habitat
Hundred birds return to their nests




The atrium of commercial plaza —— phoenix habitat, is home to hundreds of birds. With an integration of S & T trend and natural ecology, it brings a diversified immersive commercial experience space.

广场中庭设计静态水池,既可作为休闲座椅,同时也是负一层的采光井,水池周围的百鸟艺术装置,通过上百个独立不同形态鸟类造型 ,朝向二楼设计的凤凰栖息地,正应设计中的——百鸟朝凤。


The static pool is designed in the atrium of the square can be used as leisure seats and serve as lighting well on B1. The artistic modeling of nearly 100 bird sculptures around the pool faces the phoenix habitat at 2F, which echoes with the design of birds facing the phoenix.


Phoenix Wings



The standard escalator is designed with red aluminum plate, color glass and luminous lamp pieces to form the effect of phoenix wing.



The phoenix’s fiery red color and bright wings leave a certain mark in the sky. The white ceiling of the south entrance hall best reflects the unique charm of phoenix, while the red and yellow facade typically represents the fiery image of phoenix, leaving a deep impression on visitors.


The semi-outdoor corridor at the entrance of the north passage is decorated with clean and concise phoenix element grille and interactive installation on the wall surface to add fun and interaction to the narrow corridor.



A natural habitat for birds
Magic forest



The magic forest design at 2F brings a chance to listen to the sounds of nature, such as the sound of wind and raindrops, and human communication, such as noise and children’s voice. Thecombination of acousto-optic intelligent projection and sculpture art creates an artistic exchange between human and nature.



The veranda leisure platform at 2F is designed as a natural habitat for birds. It was designed by imitating the shape of bird nests, describing the atmosphere and breath of forest in natural language so as to create a comfortable space where people are willing to stop and relax.



The inner street at 2F still follows the style of simplified modeling design ceiling and ground of phoenix wings, and the texture level of the space is made rich and diversified through the golden aluminum grille material.


The standard partition wall of the store is designed with 0.95m grid and phoenix wing elements to highlight the theme of space design.

Plane Figure