江河设计JHD | 科技延申想象,把空间还给生命

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——简·雅格布斯 Jane Jacobs


A too rapid urban life space has actually engulfed the self-expression ability of citizens, who therefore suffer from nature deficit disorder. JHD has never stopped thinking of improving citizens’ urban living environment, and humans’ health and well-being through ongoing technological, model and management innovation.


In this case, JHD has created a working environment that can truly reflect the flexible and diversified space and improve the sense of happiness. In addition, JHD demonstrated the value that JET BIOFIL takes pride of to its environmental design. By integrating complex internal structure into cities and even urban life with a very natural status, JHD endeavors to reshape urban lives that are focused more on quality and details, as well as a perfect integration with surrounding environment.


JHD demonstrates the trend of future development in the name of nature through multi-space narration. We get rid of anxieties through color and marketing and awaken a longing for innocence of life. All these delicate ideas
may hide at tea room kissed by sunlight, waiting us to feel and touch.


Space is growing but nature will not. Nature will be integrated into urban texture more harmoniously.Bright and fresh aesthetic can be found everywhere once observed visually. The concept of permeability is widely applied in design, invisible but indispensable, just like the photosynthesis in which sunlight penetrates cell walls. In space, to interpretate the interaction between individuals and the environment, JHD blends the philosophy of life, health and green office into the design delicately, making the shadow of the game lither and nimbler.


In terms of engineering design, the design team racked their brains to explore the correlation between space and urban environment, in which elements of representative regional culture such as Canton china, Canton embroidery, Canton sandalwood, etc. embellish the space, embodying typical local characteristics.


Similar with the film aesthetics of Interstellar, the innovative application of lines creates a five-dimensional space built by Christopher Nolan with optical fiber techniques. Space users could become fully immersed in it, feeling the linear flow of time among interweaved lines and touching the future in the cutting-edge science and technology. Filled with integral sense of future and life, the design language once again creates a working space representing that creatures ascend to a global and international perspective.



Technology becomes closer to the form of life along with its further development. Alive, is the destination of technology, as well as the claim of space.In terms of cells, the origin of life, JET BIOFIL is composing a hymn to nature. JHD identifies the “association between technology and life” from the brand, and integrates this conception with designs.



Walking through office lobby, one could appreciate the integration between the silhouette of trees with the brand philosophy. These functions are distributed by means of heterogeneity in the entire space and different design principles are included in the life system. Every individual, after entering the working space, will get involved in and experience space revitalization by a way of the sunlight.




Decorated at the hotel lobby, natural materials make the space more viable. Space interaction fully displays enjoyment. Immerse your whole body and mind into the natural “wildness”, which is distinct from the working space.



Office area that follows the theme closely is a conference center imitating and deducing the genic change by intelligence. Focusing on the flexibility and change of conference organization, JHD aims to make office area a growing space that unfolds around a center, like what a cell grows. Leave enough space to ensure working interaction and much more small independent space to meet the needs of “breathing”. Every deduction, whatever the kind, will make the space break through shackles of static state and grow and update subtly.


This kind of integral design logic ensures the natural beauty of space. Different narratives in space are deducted in a series of scene corners where different methods can be used. Each space is carrying on its own evolution of life, showing a vigorous power of growth.


Stereotyped office space is boring and tedium so a difference must be made in this new era. To break paradigm, JHD expects to make this space update a classical case in architectural and humanistic innovation fields.



Centering on new needs, new experience and new approaches of the time, JHD creates a working and casual trend close to the latest trend through constant city updates. It establishes a tranquil and peaceful space with freshness and nature, and intensifies the permeability and sense of layering of the space, making people return to an authentic and simple state of life while bringing peace to their mind and relieving fatigue.



With a focus on “people-oriented” design principle, employee’s health and well-being and sustainable and creative and cultural construction, JHD created a modern working environment with futuristic perception, which is aimed at creating a better tomorrow. A set of new design language will convey the mission of JET BIOFIL, which engages in exploration, co-existence and innovation of future by leading the latest science and technology.

项目信息Project Information

设计面积 | 44406.7㎡
完工时间 | 2023年3月
项目地址 | 广东省广州市黄埔区
项目业主 | 广州洁特生物过滤股份有限公司


江河设计(简称JHD)创始于1995年,是大型、专业、知名设计机构。梁志天设计集团成员之一。以引领、卓越为设计信仰,在公建、酒店、办公、商业、医养、地产六大领域接轨国际视野,刷新行业新高度。以强化内控,坚守品质,大师赋能的设计管理方式和以客户为中心的服务理念,不断推动设计创新,设计赋能,持续为客户创造更多价值。江河设计已完成逾 1000个大型室内装饰设计项目,包括多个国家级标志性项目。荣获逾200 个国际、国内知名设计奖项,包括「亚太优秀设计企业」、「中国建筑装饰设计机构五十强企业」、「中国建筑装饰最具影响力设计机构」、「金创意2022年度Top10最具品牌价值设计机构」、「包豪斯设计金奖」等荣誉。


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