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Gentle and significant like a dream, it allows everyone to experience the city that belongs to themselves exclusively. In the city people could pursue not only a stable and pleasant life but also free and modern lifestyle. Finally we decide to cultivate dreamy immersive experience to collect the emotional excitement at the very beginning and create the Utopia that belongs to cities.



After considering no spiritual art seriously, we could be fully immersed in the warm real life, with a closed relationship with each other.

Humans observe and experience the natural environment instead of playing a role of controller.
Natural space is the very space that can be cultivated most easily in perceived space and can also be felt by customers most easily. Customers that have long stayed in cities pursue the return to nature and a wild environment and are willing to be indulged in natural scenery.



ZHENGDI HAPPY WORLD is a park integrating hot spring, water park and urban water club. It is equipped with leisure, catering, entertainment, conference and other functional facilities around it, creating a one-stop large-scale urban leisure and holiday complex suitable for all seasons and all ages.

Create an all-weather and all-constant temperature parent-child interactive water park and the ideal water park in winter in the North with the future, scientific and technological elements, so that the season no longer limits the future.


Using the "Abstract Unit Method" to extract cultural elements, achieving a high degree of unity between rational thinking and emotional design. By eliminating single hotspring tourism mode, the design updates “bathing in hot spring” to “playing” in hotspring paradise in order to cultivate a kind of atmosphere of “another home” through “integration”. Let people living in the city have their emotions compensated and experience the aroused desire for spirituality and culture.

Space can be compared into solidified or flowing water.


As the starting point for the growth of joy, Zhengdi Happy World has loaded the display function of "urban stage", created a mini complex of Urban culture and art, and condensed and bred the content and vision of the city's future.

Happiness is an abstract behavior art expression. More abstract expression could lead to infinite imagination in the brain of aesthetes and get closer to the essence of freedom or beauty.


Simple pure white design is made to comply with city appearance. The meticulous design of architectural corners brings more possibilities of appreciation from more dimensions and creates a larger elevation space of the interior gallery so that people could see the sky more easily.


Different emotions and feelings are cultivated in space design by virtue of different types of lines so that people there could recollect the past and imagine the future. Straight line could express stable and solid feelings, vertical line could reflect active and leaping feelings while curve could create dynamic and rotating effect. The application of different lines brings space changes and enriches emotions, making people feel the past and the future.



Richer and more diverse scenes could be created when the ray of light and color in space change along with time passing by and change of natural seasons. For instance, mist in the morning or dawn could bring freshness, stars and moonlight at night imply graceful shadows. All of the changes above make visual space pictures connote mysterious and lithe atmosphere, attracting people’s attention.
Different darkness levels of ray of light and natural elements transform the space into a tranquil and slow or dynamic place. The expression of different layers makes space-time a touching melody so as to allow people experience the charm of space art in these rhythms. Visual and sensory integration brings the state that is tranquil, relaxing or stimulates the power in inner heart to experience the space aesthetics of feeling in real sense. 


Experience in person and with heart. Get inspirations from the local natural environment and humanistic life, and interpret the aesthetic feeling and vitality of space with the unique design method, bringing dwellers with space which is rich in connotation, special in style and irreproducible.


The gentle lines and mellow round corner divide a whole space and grant each part a flowing and stretchable style. Cultural features are also integrated in the natural and conservative main tone of earth, so as to create a modern, fashionable, warm and cozy space.


Living in a changing world has always been troublesome. By contrast, a simple and natural life space could make people feel cozy, tranquil and at ease. 


Design has both a heart and a soul. In space, one can feel memory and meaning, and experience the awakened desire for spirituality and culture.


“The prosperity of a city is not made by skyscrapers made of reinforced concrete but people in it”. The statement above also applies to design. The point to attract customers is not about materials used for design but consumers using various service facilities. Buildings have life, so is interior design. Design is alive, could breathe and have appearance, inner connotation and soul like humans. This is a space work that can sing, a space that can express individuality, humanity, and beauty.

江河设计(简称JHD)创始于1995年,是大型、专业、知名设计机构。梁志天设计集团成员之一。以引领、卓越为设计信仰,在公建、酒店、办公、商业、医养、地产六大领域接轨国际视野,刷新行业新高度。以强化内控,坚守品质,大师赋能的设计管理方式和以客户为中心的服务理念,不断推动设计创新,设计赋能,持续为客户创造更多价值。江河设计已完成逾 1000个大型室内装饰设计项目,包括多个国家级标志性项目。荣获逾200 个国际、国内知名设计奖项,包括「亚太优秀设计企业」、「中国建筑装饰设计机构五十强企业」、「中国建筑装饰最具影响力设计机构」、「金创意2022年度Top10最具品牌价值设计机构」、「包豪斯设计金奖」等荣誉。


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